Eurovision Megapost

Hello, I know I haven’t been posting a lot, but I promise it’s all for a reason. After visiting my family and friends in the UK, I flew to Vienna to reunite with some friends. Writing about the Eurovision on this blog was pretty much inevitable, as I have been watching it every year since… oh who cares!

I certainly enjoyed the theme of ‚Building Bridges‘ and inviting Australia to perform. I didn’t care much for the winning entry past the singer’s looks (hello!) but, yaaay, congratulations Sweden, yaaaay. Here are my five favourite entries from the ESC 2015 (in no particular order):

1. Serbia

I was a bit sad this entry didn’t win, but she did well regardless. This entry certainly wins the prize for ‚Most unexpected and intense up-tempo change‘.

2. Australia

Australia did really well and the Eurovision fans Down Under should certainly be proud of placing 5th on the first try.

3. Belgium

I really liked Belgium’s entry because they tried something completely different and didn’t go for the classic Europop/Dance/Guetta-derivative *coughs* that other countries go for.

4. Georgia

She was fierce, frightening and didn’t care for wearing conventional costumes and make-up.

5. Latvia

Again, a song that tried something different. I really loved her dress and the way her tattoo was incorporated into it.

The show itself was excellent – the stage was probably one of my favourites so far. There was a lot of Conchita Wurst (thank goodness), when she descended from the roof – marvellous! I am so so so happy that Conchita has been so successful and when we were in Vienna, there were pictures and adverts of her eveeeeeeeerywhere.

All in all a good Eurovision, but some entries were more deserving to win, even if I am biased.


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